Vision Comes to Reality


I had finished my work for the day. I developed the department they needed. I figured it out by going through the numbers, and through daily watching of the operations. The department shouldn’t exist…

It should be combined with two others.

A Plan

Accounting for all the weaknesses of the departments, cut expenses, increased efficiency… pretty much everything.

Above that, in my opinion, was the dramatic change in workplace culture. Due to its radical nature, it took a year to carry out. After those changes, there wasn’t much I could do with the power I held. The changes implemented reshaped their entire operation, resulting in 12 consecutive months of increased profits.

Due to a conflict of interest, I couldn’t take credit for any of the improvements…

I saved the department manager his job, and I eliminated the need for another. This past bit of time I’ve worked mostly online, at home, to figure this career thing out. I go in sometimes for appearances, and today I saw the vision come to life.

It was rewarding and of course frustrating.

The way I knew how certain changes would shift dynamics in the long term business, and then seeing the realization of that. The way that things happened made sense only to one person. Someone I won’t take credit from. Really, I don’t want credit (or only want credit to use as a means to get to where I need to be).

The positive being that I saw once again, under different circumstances, I made a significant impact. Even my dad finally admitted, thanking me for teaching him things, and changing his perspective to him. Bringing vigor back to his career.

But I have to make a living of my core abilities and talents, which will never be full used where I’m at.

I’ve done what I can do.


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