ENTPs at Work

ENTP robot

ENTP personalities tend to be quick-witted and knowledgeable – these traits usually make them both popular and efficient in the workplace. However, they may also get into trouble for arguing over anything and everything, or have difficulties focusing on one specific project.

ENTP colleagues

Very argumentative

Excellent brainstormers

Have a good sense of humor

Attract new friendships quite easily

Honest, direct and objective

Usually very knowledgeable

May be insensitive and condescending

ENTP managers

Able to accurately and objectively assess conflicting arguments

Very good at holding ground in a rational debate, which usually makes them fearsome advocates for their teams

Enjoy coming up with innovative ways to deal with challenges, but dislike managing the actual implementation

Do not care much about being liked – would rather be respected and seen as smart

Open-minded and flexible

May jump from project to project, looking for challenges and excitement

ENTP subordinates

Comfortable challenging their
manager’s ideas

Curious and able to learn new methods very quickly

Strongly dislike restrictive rules and guidelines

Prefer tackling complex challenges over dealing with simple routine tasks

Do not mind being criticized, as long as all arguments are rational

May have difficulties with practical or monotonous tasks



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