Dissection: ENTP

Good start on ENTP’s!


I’d like to start discussing individual types and producing individual descriptions now that I’ve covered the fundamentals. This is going to be quite a long process given the amount of detail I am going to go into as I dissect each personality and their traits, functions, potential enneagram types and more (we’ll have a crash course in enneagram shortly). If you don’t see your type or the type of someone you are interested in understanding better, I can take requests; otherwise, I’ll have to go at my own arbitrary speed. Let’s start with ENTPs! That’s what I am so I might as well start this dissection process by dissecting myself (figuratively speaking). 

So what exactly is an ENTP? Besides human, typically, ENTPs are Extroverted iNtuitive Thing Perceivers. For those of you that are late to the MBTI party this means they gather their energy from other people, perceive the world…

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20 thoughts on “Dissection: ENTP”

  1. I originally posted a comment in response to your article regarding gifted persons; however, only a portion of it appeared. I test as exceptionally to profoundly gifted, and my traits of cognition, perception, emotion, motivation, values, activity, social relations, and creativity, virtually overlap the contemporary research and findings with regard to the gifted adult. I responded to your prior post in the hope that I might find other like people with whom to interact. Needless to say, finding others like myself is akin to Diogenes carrying a lamp, searching for an honest man-almost impossible.


    1. I feel ya!

      Sorry I missed that. I don’t remember if I saw it or not (I do have a bit of ADD, lol), but in general I like to connect with other gifted people out there. Like you, it’s been difficult for me to find others that understand the way that I think and the thought processes that I go through.

      Are you active on any of the social networks like Facebook or Google plus?


      1. I am rarely active on any social networks except, on occasion, facebook. Same problem, everyone else seems to be moving through a separate time and space, and we just see a different landscape. They generally perceive and interact with gifted people as if we were another species and, because that are unaware of the traits of the gifted, they generally are unable to appreciate them as they would if they shared the same traits.


      2. I completely understand, sir or ma’am. Sorry, I can’t tell from your screen name if you are a boy or a girl, not that I care, lol.

        I also share the isolation from not being understood by the majority of society, however over the last couple years, I have learned to appreciate my role in society and also find A few others like myself through extreme amounts of networking on all social media.


      3. If you’d like to, go ahead and ask me to be your friend on Facebook. I am a member of I couple different groups on there now, where I have met some other gifted individuals that get me.


      4. Sure, it’s not as ideal as if there were these people in real life that I could relate to on that level, but it is surprisingly lethargic and exciting to talk to others that share our frustrations and ways of thinking about the world. And I’m talking about three years of heavy networking on all the social networking sites and probably connecting with less than 15 other individuals. So, we are talking about a huge number of people, but it really really does help getting through life and through the rough patches, by having some small group of support and people that can understand what you’re going through.


      5. Personally, I am hundred percent there for you if you ever want to talk about anything at all. Myself, I am a complete open book. This has developed due to a buildup of frustration over the years of not really being well understood by the majority of people, but has actually turned into a pretty cool methodology, and I also believe is more reminiscent of the ways of the future, where privacy, Like it or not, for better or for worse, is going to become less and less of an actual concept, lol…


      6. Plus, I really look at it this way: if I put myself out there and share every thing that I’m thinking, whether it be something to be proud of or something to be embarrassed about, I am making that information visible to everyone.

        Now, the majority of people aren’t going to understand it or appreciate it or value it or ever truly get me, but I have to think that there is at least one or two other people out there who have experienced a similar situation to the one that I am talking about. By means sharing it publicly, I risk hurting my reputation so to speak for whatever that’s worth, but do I really care what the majority of society thinks about me? Are those the people that I am going to judge whether or not I am a great or mediocre person? Hell no.

        And by putting myself out there, even if it makes me look bad in the short term, I am increasing the likelihood that someone else out there will see it who has experienced a similar situation, and it will be able to help them in some way, or at least let them know “hey, you are not alone.”


      7. Think about it. I somehow reached you, didn’t I? And you are not the only one. I haven’t developed quite an army yet, lol, but I have about 15 to 20 acquaintances or friends, whatever you want to call them that I can actually relate to and that is something that I’ve never really had in my entire life. And to make it even more neat: they are from ALL over the world, and we ALL deal with the exact same shit. The feeling of isolation, the being misunderstood by society, the random bouts of X essential depression, the ridiculously high expectations that are placed on us, and everything. I’m talking about people from India, people from the Czech Republic, people from Poland, people from the United States, anywhere you could think of. People in Brazil.


      8. If you connect with me on Facebook or Google plus I can introduce you to a few of my friends that I have met through the Internet that can hold there around in a conversation of wits that way we can. We talk to each other about things that we think about, a lot of times it’s our theories for how we can solve world problems that we aren’t even responsible for, because as gifted individuals, we hold the weight of the world on our shoulders even though nobody asked us to, lol…


      9. I’m saving the best part for alas: I am starting my own company. The product that we are going to be developing is a theory that I have come up with to develop actual artificial intelligence. I am not going to tell you the exact concepts publicly on here, because I don’t want someone to steal it. And that goes against my nature, because normally I share and share and share every idea I have that I come up with, even if it means that I can be easily stolen and used by other people to make themselves rich.

        My philosophy has always been that if I keep doing what I’m doing, stay true to who I am, and keep sharing knowledge that eventually somebody out there with the intelligence to realize how brilliant the ideas are and the resources to either invest in me or offer me a job suited for my true potential Will discover me. I am not going to work a job or use an idea strictly for the purposes of gaining wealth. I have tons of them all the time, but I Reviews to do anything that will have a positive affect on me, but have a negative effect on society.


      10. But, I have actually invented a quite unique idea, I’d love to tell you about it if we get an opportunity to speak privately, I have built a team of other random gifted people that are misplaced out there in the world, and I have found a connection to people that will actually spend the massive amount of investment required to develop the idea.

        Obviously, I am excited about the idea of developing artificial intelligence as a high has sort of been my thing ever since fourth-grade, when I won a state award for a presentation on the future affects of artificial intelligence on society.

        What I am most excited about, however, is the company that I plan on building. It is completely radical and unlike anything else that has ever existed in the world. Yes, I took a little bit of inspiration from some of the more innovative companies of today such as Google or Facebook, but I have been sure to push the boundaries one step further in every possible direction.

        Every great entrepreneur, I believe this at least, has a secret underlying drive or motivation that keeps them drilling at their vision, regardless of how many obstacles they encounter.

        Number one: I had a child a week after I turned 17, so my original plan of attending either Harvard or Stanford went out the window. Keep in mind, this was completely voluntary. It was obviously an unexpected and unplanned situation that I wouldn’t recommend as a path for anybody, but at the same time, my daughter has been the greatest thing that has happened to me and has been sometimes the one thing that kept me going during the darkest times. She is 12 now, which I think is pretty awesome, because it’s like I’ve gotten all of the shitty parts of raising a kid out-of-the-way. For example: the changing of the diapers, the holding them when they’re crying and you have no idea why, the boredom of not getting to do what you want to do because you have to babysit. Now, I have a little female version of myself, who I can talk to about pretty much anything and is both super cool and totally understands me. Now, she is a very bright kid for her age, she’s extremely creative and artistic, and in fact she’s a much better artist than I’ve ever been, but she is not technically “gifted” like I am.

        I do not feel sorry for her at all. She definitely has an easier path to follow than what I did. You know what I’m talking about….

        she’s smart enough to be considered smart, and she can keep up with me; she loves science fiction…

        Fringe was our favorite show for a while, she loves Star Wars, and The Twilight Zone… She thinks that being a little weird is a plus in society. She understands that most people are normal and that there’s a few of us out there who are a little bit odd. But, she also has pride for those of us that are considered a little bit odd. She understands that part of being smart and creative is being misunderstood or considered a crazy person by society. She understands that people like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs, who did amazing wonderful things, were considered Luna text before they achieved actual success. She loves me for how weird I am and also loves the fact that I am a young parent, because I don’t treat her the way that other grown-ups street her she told me. She told me that I talked to her white a real person and don’t try to be a grown-up and talk down to her and oversimplify or over protect her from the way things really are. It helps because I still remember what it was like to be that age, and I made a promise to myself that when I grew up I would never become like that to my kids. Even though I had a wonderful childhood with great parents, they were not abusive and they were very loving, but at the same time they were still grown ups and grown-ups talk down to children. I tell her the truth, even on the stuff that is a little bit hurtful, and she not only respects me for it, she is my best friend and she idolizes me. I coached her so well on the idea of being weird is superior to being normal that on her Valentine’s Day card present that she made for me she made sure to include me wearing a Michael Jackson glove that I sometimes wear as a joke, because I think it’s hilarious.

        she completely understands me as a person better than probably anybody else alive on the planet.


      11. Anyways, man or woman, yeah connect with me on one of the real networks and I will make some introductions to I promise some legitimately cool people who get it. Trust me they get it. Starting a company that is going to be run using the methods primarily that I learned in gifted education classes and future problem-solving teams, and then being extremely successful, will revolutionize society and show people that the unusual approach often has many benefits. Hopefully, I can use this opportunity to develop artificial intelligence, build a massive company, become very wealthy, have a wonderful time, provide a large number of jobs for the lost more meals out there, provide special jobs for the gifted and foster their talents to be used in business and show everyone that it can be and should be done.

        I have quite high expectations for myself, and I’ll admit that I am a little bit narcissistic, but my core drive is to truly provide opportunities for the lost but talented people out there. I believe there are a lot. By making them hot commodities for business and proving their capabilities to be a lot more successful than the way that traditional or current or past companies have run, I will empower all of us. That is my true goal.

        What I struggled to obtain, became my drive to create. It reminds me of a quote I saw the other day that is quite apt to this: it said something to the effect of “if there is a really interesting novel that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then maybe it is your job to write it.” That is what I intend to do: Write MY novel.


    2. I am filtering my reply through Tor. I am doing this for several reasons; firstly, I want to protect my web-privacy as much as possible when I discuss what I consider very personal information, which I have only shared with less than four people, all of whom were gifted and readily recognized me as one of their kin. Secondly, the ethics of my profession strongly forbid sharing personal information through the internet, something that could cause legal repercussions. In person, however, I am open, friendly, sociable, and entertaining. I love children and speak to them as you described in your relationship with your daughter. Children are miracles, as are all living things. I write this as a secularist; however, with the belief that the stuff of stars teem throughout our cells and it is consciousness that binds us all to the universe.


  2. I read and enjoyed all of your comments. I share your enthusiasm for the details and for what the poet Byron described as the ability “To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” The thought of your business venture is exciting.


  3. When I sent the last posts I used a Tor browser and, I used another email address to post it because your site necessitated it. But, the email address you used is the correct one to contact me. Thanks for the response. If I am not being too intrusive, in which State do you live? I currently live in California; however originally born and raised in Connecticut. We share a similar episode with regard to our educational history. I was also accepted to Harvard, but I never attended school there.


  4. I forgot, given your intention to start your own company, I would suggest that you read Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” He wrote the book after a pivotal meeting with Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Hill considered this meeting the turning point in his life, and the purpose of the meeting was to interview Carnagie, who would become a part of a series of articles about famous and successful men. At that time, Carnegie was one of the most powerful men in the world. Hill discovered that Carnegie believed that the process of success could be outlined in a simple formula that anyone would be able to understand and achieve. Impressed with Hill, Carnegie asked him if he was up to the task of putting together this information, to interview or analyze over 500 successful men and women, many of them millionaires, in order to discover and publish this formula for success.[7]

    As part of his research, Hill claimed to have interviewed many of the most successful people of the time in the United States. In the acknowledgments section of his 1928 multi-volume work The Law of Success,[8] Hill listed 45 of those studied by him during the previous twenty years, “the majority of these men at close range, in person”, like the three to whom the book set was dedicated, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Edwin C. Barnes, an associate of Thomas Edison. Carnegie had given Hill a letter of introduction to Ford,[9] who introduced Hill to Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer R. Gates, Thomas Edison, and Luther Burbank.[10] According to the publishers, Ralston University Press (Meriden, Conn.), endorsements for the publishing of The Law of Success were sent by a number of them, including William H. Taft, Cyrus H. K. Curtis, Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, E.M. Statler, Edward W. Bok, and John D. Rockefeller.[9][10] The list in the acknowledgments also includes, among those of them personally interviewed by Hill,[10] Rufus A. Ayers, John Burroughs, Harvey Samuel Firestone, Elbert H. Gary, James J. Hill, George Safford Parker, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles M. Schwab, Frank A. Vanderlip, John Wanamaker, F. W. Woolworth, Daniel Thew Wright, and William Wrigley, Jr. Hill was also an advisor to two presidents of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.[9][11]

    If you can suspend your disbelief with regard to Hill’s repeated reference to God, as well as his antiquated notions of psychology and science, after all, he formulated most of these ideas based upon an extrapolation of the available scientific information, and psychological theories of the first quater of the 20th century, then the bare bones of his formula are still useful and actually somewhat thrilling. You can download his book from Amazon, “Think and Grow Rich” [I know, the title sounds like pure hucksterism, but it was a different era when he wrote it], and it will cost 99 cents, if you have a Kindle. Otherwise, Amazon sells the paperback for less than $10.00.


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