As We Move to a Truly “Connected World…”

What do you believe will be the most effective way for a user to identify themselves, as they move from one system to another?

  • An actual device — something like a watch?
  • Fingerprint ID?
  • Facial recognition?
  • Implanted RFID tag?
  • Something completely different?

All of the methods have plusses and minuses when it comes to enabling a user to be able to get access to their stuff, as themselves, from any system outside of the one in your home or car (or even to identify you in your home or car, versus another member of the family, or an imposter!).

Moving forward into a truly “connected world,” privacy is one of those things that will always be an issue, but will never truly be solved. Something that we always have to take seriously, by attempting to prevent unethical invasions of privacy, but will never end.

In order for a “connected world” to be truly intuitive and user-friendly, some privacy must be sacrificed to enable customized experiences to be created for the customer.

2 thoughts on “As We Move to a Truly “Connected World…””

  1. Personally, I think the most effective technology to identify someone would be a fingerprint ID. Yes there are also pluses and minuses to all of these ways, and a fingerprint ID does have minuses, but I also feel like it would be the easiest and most efficient way to identify who someone was. Another thing is that technology is advancing so fast. In the future we are going to have technology inventions that we never would’ve predicted for the future. Such advanced technology that we will hardly even know what to use it for. Yes obviously it was created for a reason, but also we are going to be using it for things that we never would’ve thought of using it in that way before.


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