Sensors vs Intuitives – What Role Does Each Type Play in Society?

I hear often, when talking to another intuitive person for the first time about personality types, the same general complaint:

“So and so” [A Sensing Type] thinks I’m weird. [An Intuitive Type]

The best is the look on the person’s face, when I respond with: “Well, they (The Sensing Type) are absolutely correct.”

“Weird,” by definition, is something that is abnormal, uncanny, strange, unusual, or unexpected.

So, the Sensing-dominant person is correct for multiple reasons:


Right off the bat, 70% of the population prefers Sensing, versus only 30% favoring Intuition. This means that intuitives are actually less likely to exist, according to pure statistics.

The Sensing Type person is probably “normal,” which means conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. They are significantly more populous in society, making them more expected.



6 thoughts on “Sensors vs Intuitives – What Role Does Each Type Play in Society?”

    1. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Curious guy.

      A Sensors role is to maintain, protect it, and they tend to think in a one-by-one manner, when it comes to Concepts.

      An intuitive’s role in society is to innovate, design, enhance, invent, and lead during times of great change or chaos.

      I like to look at personality types from an evolutionary standpoint. Personality types evolved into the psyche of individuals, because each type of personality carries out a certain role or function in society. Therefore, it is the mix of all different types, each taking up a certain portion of the population. Period. The percentage of a specific type when compared to the entire population is not relevant to how important that type is. Society, Nature, The World, Time, Magic, God, and Mayor McCheese have all combined forces, to figure out what society needs to survive, progress, and continue to enhance.


    1. Perhaps check my other post on the subject. I know in one of them, I put it.

      Simple: Sensors maintain and protect the system. (Stability)
      Intuitives break, redesign, and improve the system. (Progress)


      1. In daily situations and through small conversations, how we can identify the sensors and intuitives beside the knowledge of past/present and future?


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