Branding is From the Inside Out

What you portray as the external image of your business is no longer a planned: “this is how we want to appear to the outside world,” but rather a transparent view into the internal workings of your company.

    Branding is your culture.
    Branding is your employee relations.
    Branding is your procedures and systems.
    Branding is your recruitment and hiring practices.
    Branding is your product.
    Branding is your customer service.

Branding is the vision, the strategy, and the people who carry it out.

Branding is your design scheme, colors, and logo.

Branding is how it all looks, feels, and fits together.

Branding is WHO YOU ARE.


Are you paying attention, now?

Your customers are: every instance of your existence.

Your employees are: oh, did you think that branding was just for the “outside world?”

    Employee morale and engagement hinges on your credibility. If as a company you act like a hypocrite, then that is the bar you’ve set for your employees (or internal customers).

The world is too connected and moves too quickly to “do what you do” and then “prepare how you seem.”

Now, you have to “do as you seem.

Every action.
Every day.
From the inside out.


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