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Being Gifted

It’s painful.
It’s a blessing and a curse
It’s what you are.


The Pain

Understand that the psychological / existential turmoil you’re suffering through is an aspect of being gifted. Your mind causes the cognitive dissonance. It goes to battle with itself, due to complex and contradicting thoughts and emotions. It comes back stronger and more capable than before.

You don’t fit into the slots provided to you by society. The society that created these roles and expectations is falling apart… they’ve passed their expiration date.

You suffer because you see through the BS, but don’t know what you can do about it.

You’re lost out there in the world. Nobody has any way of comprehending what you’re going through or how to support you. Nobody understands how damned important you are to the future of our world.

Why me? What am I? Why am I this way?

We are a byproduct of society’s dramatic evolution, and the chaos unleashed by it.

We are adaptive, imaginative, and creative. We are built to make sense of all the chaos, and to create new paths unseen by others.

We are the cure.

It’s Not the Ideal Plan, but We’ve Been Left with no Alternatives

Societal evolution created a ton of problems, but also countless areas of opportunity. It also created certain people built with a natural specialty for embracing this.

We were sprinkled around the globe, and left with little to no support for development.

However, we are out there.

There is No “Path” for Us

We have to seek out and find one another.

We have to identify giftedness in other people when we see it, and reach out to them.

We must help them to recognize, understand, and embrace what they are.

We need to team up, collaborate, and create environments, allowing us to fully unleash our innate capabilities.

We Were Dealt a Shitty Hand

Is that going to stop us from seeking out solutions?

Are we going to let the past generation’s lack of foresight prevent us from using our own?


If you want to turn off the #gifted inside of you, not deal with this BS, and just live a normal life…

… I regret to inform you that this is not possible. And if you could, would you really want to?

Embrace What You Are

We see possibility, where others see dead-ends.

We solve problems, where others bitch and whine.

We are the future.