The Millennial Transformation (Take Over, the Breaks Over)

The next stage of societal evolution, as millennials take charge, will drastically change everything…


Millennial = Generation Y (born sometime between the early 80’s and early 2000’s).

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with computers in their household. They speak freely, they don’t have respect for the traditional norms of society, they are less judgmental, and they post inappropriate stuff on social media.

The “old-schoolers” are disgusted by the apparent lack of respect and work ethic of the millennials, but they only appear this way due to their incredible wealth of knowledge, their ability to see through deceit, and their unwillingness to be indoctrinated or conform to the status quo.

Notwithstanding, in a short time these Millennial “delinquents” will be the ones running the show, and in my opinion are the most qualified candidates considering the rapid change in society, the adaptability required to keep up, and a strong desire for a much healthier workplace and culture.

After the Transformation

The next generation after Gen Y (the “iGeneration”) will be yet another step forward. They will reap the rewards of the successes of Generation Y’s transformation of society, but won’t have to face the struggle.

When I was 11, I was tediously learning to build crappy websites and there was no Wikipedia or Google Search to instantly make me knowledgable about what sparked my curiosity or interests. This post-Gen Y generation has access to tools as children that both educate them and increase their creativity.

My daughter can make movies, create artwork, talk to classmates, and watch YouTube videos, and she learned how to do most of it herself. Look at her and then try to state that technology doesn’t increase creative thinking.

The Lunatics of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow

Change is coming, some people are simply “ahead of the curve,” whom traditional society views as being lunatics. True innovators are always labeled crazy at first, because normal people are afraid of change and slower to catch on. But, just like every other innovation that preceded it:

  • it will be labeled as crazy.
  • slowly attract a minority.
  • have a news report saying how beneficial the change is.
  • masses will flock to the idea.
  • people will become so loyal to the idea that they don’t even believe they called it crazy in the first place.

Every. Single. Time.


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