About Me

Chris Hoeller

chris-hoellerDisruptive creative strategist and leader with a breadth of experience and knowledge of current and upcoming social and technological developments. Being imaginative, curious, passionate, and opinionated, he equips teams to develop solutions that are smart, intuitive, and behavior-changing. He is clever, innovative, driven, intelligent, articulate, and masterful at developing concepts that change consumer and employee behavior.


He is equally proficient in brand strategy and guidance, internal communications, and employee engagement. However, the two skills that make him an undeniable benefit to almost any team, regardless of industry, are his remarkable ability to understand how people think and his freakishly accurate strategic foresight.

It is more likely that an organization will be out-maneuvered strategically than that it will be out-produced tactically. Most organizations do pretty well at what they do today. It’s what they’ll need to do tomorrow, that’s the missing skill… and that’s what Chris represents.


If you travel far enough into the future, the past will come back to you.