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ENTPs Make Poor Managers but Exceptional Leaders

I was asked on a forum “how an ENTP can be an effective manager.” My original advice:

  • Look busy.
  • Keep making the rounds.
  • Allow people to know you for your spontaneity and use it as a plus (like you could be checking up on them at any time).
  • Stay available to reach.
  • Find a great ISTJ assistant who naturally thrives on organization.

When I try too hard to stay organized, I usually end up exhausting all of my effort into creating the organizational tool (that’s just me personally). I find that by staying in motion and in touch with every department, your natural Ne will pick up on the missing pieces. I could spend ten hours inventing a method to stay on top of everything, or I could simply walk around and allow it to happen naturally.

ENTPs don’t make good “traditional managers,” but can still be quite effective, even in traditional corporate environments (if the structure isn’t too rigid).

To add upon my earlier half-joking statements about “looking busy and keep making the rounds,” or my support of getting an ISTJ secretary, the true power of an ENTP manager / leader comes from their ability to delegate, empower, and encourage. It is this quality that makes for poor ENTP managers but exceptional ENTP leaders.

ENTPs don’t want to demand stuff of others, because we hate it when it’s done to us. However, an ENTP can delegate out responsibilities by simply asking, explaining why it’s important, and making their subordinates feel empowered and trusted. This makes an ENTP manager / leader a force to be reckoned with, and soon you’ll have the staff working with you to accomplish the goals, not simply working for you out of fear of reprimand.

Surprise me

The staff will respect and trust you, because you respect and trust them. I know it sounds cliché, but it actually works. Employees will work HARDER for you than any other type of manager, or should I say, leader. Good luck!


From Geeks to Gods

Imagine for a moment, being the leader of an organization that doesn’t have to recruit anyone, because people are standing in line in the cold and rain to be a part of your vision.

that is what we are accomplishing here.

Yes, it’s probably fun as hell for the team to get to come down and mess with my head. It may be the most elaborate and creative team-building exercise of all time.

But what we are doing here, more than anything, is showing just how incredible the culture of the organization is. Not because of my suffering, but by showing everyone that this is the pinnacle of workplace culture. It’s already well known for the perks, salaries, benefits, and fun office environment.

I think my enthusiasm and vision for how I think work should be has raised the bar. It’s already the #1 ranked workplace in the world. We are turning it into something akin to being a rock star or professional athlete.

Right now, it’s the dream place to work for any college student with a degree in CS. After this, it’s going to be middle school and high school kids dreaming about working there. Instead of being a haven for the people who were already interested in pursuing a career in technology, it’s going to make people want to pursue a career in technology.

It’s all about perception. We are turning Google from a fantastic workplace into a lifestyle.

“When I grow up, I want to be a Googler.”