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The New Secret Weapon for Social Media Success

Posting stupid and/or hilarious pictures.


This strategy will absolutely increase user engagement for your social media profile. People today have the attention span of a squirrel, and will pass over anything that does not immediately catch their eye. That’s why it has to be visual. Text is boring and takes time to see what the main topic is. People literally will not spend 10 seconds on reading a bit of text and deducing if it is a topic that interests them. It has to be instantaneous, big, and bold.

People enjoy laughing. It feels good. It releases endorphins in your brain, giving you pleasure. So, you have to make them laugh. Otherwise, they’ll continue to seek pleasure from another source. We are animals. We like feeling good.

For example: hardly anybody will read this post, but if I had posted a stupid GIF or meme, it would have tons of hits. Why did I even take the time to write this? That remains a mystery… Modern marketing is radically different, due to technological advancements and reduced attention spans.

It’s like the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” In today’s world, the book and the cover are one and the same.