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How to Get Endorsed for Skills on LinkedIn

Getting more endorsements on LinkedIn for skills — applicable both to yourself and the types of job you seek — is an important aspect of any modern career development.

It used to mean that if someone was active on LinkedIn = they’re looking for a job. Times have changed. Now, it is accepted that people use LinkedIn… actually it’s expected.


  • To manage their network of professional connections.
  • To share their ideas and tips with others in your field.

  • To seek advice for a professional challenge you’re facing.

  • To give advice out to others for a professional challenge that they face.

  • To expand your network (more connections = more visibility & more chances of being discovered).

  • To always be ready. Your résumé, essentially, is in a constant state of keeping up to date.

  • To connect with people that might be able to help you get the job you want.

  • To connect with people that you’re considering for recruitment.

Personally, I invest an equal amount of effort adding contacts that could potentially help me or with whom I someday may want to recruit for myself. I also help connect others to their destinations, when I can.*

* = See “Law of Reciprocation” at the end.


  1. Establish & maintain continuous, gradual expansion of your network of connections.
  • Endorse other people often.

  • Done.


    If you endorse “Joe” for a skill he has, the probability that Joe will endorse you for a skill increase exponentially.

    When you do something nice to someone, they feel compelled to return the favor. This is especially true on LinkedIn, with the endorsement of skills, because to do so is extremely simple, easy, and not time-consuming.




    My technical terms may be off here and there, but I think that’s a plus…

    I may only have a paraphrased, Wikipedia-sized amount of knowledge on your topic, but I have a lot of topics stored up. I see patterns and connect the dots to create something new. I see the big picture, and I can adapt it to any situation.

    Not to mention the incredible opportunities when I’ve been able to actually use this to my advantage. They couldn’t predesign the path I’ve followed, but it surely outranks any MBA out there.

    Until you’ve held an entire business’s life in your hands, you’re still in training.


    Big Tech’s Recruiting Fail



    It makes me laugh a bit when someone adds me on LinkedIn. I always accept all invitation, but it’s an invitation to a party that has long since died for me.


    I started out the beginning of last year with a hope and a prayer: that LinkedIn could provide me with the right connections to get a job suitable for me.


    I aggressively networked and ended up with over 500 connections in 3 months; 1000 connections in 6. Eventually I was even cut off from adding new connections, as I had connected too much, too soon. I paid monthly for the upgraded “job seeker” account.


    I only ended up with three promising job opportunities. The first with Amazon, then with a hip new startup in San Francisco. Captain Hindsight says I should have jumped on those opportunities, but I was too tunnel visioned at that point to find a job at Google that I didn’t even take those great opportunities seriously.


    Eventually, I did get contacted by a recruiter from Google, but the recruiter flaked out and ended up not working there a week after our phone interview was to take place (that she blew me off on).


    I don’t know that anyone is truly finding a job on there, or maybe my bizarre way of presenting myself and unique background is too off putting for the traditional recruiting methods.


    Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...











    So join up, link up with me on LinkedIn, I have more valuable connections on there than I can even think of. Recruiters to all major technology companies. I will help you connect to anyone of them, but it is bittersweet. I did not find that site to be effective at getting my message across.


    Then along came Google+, and I had hope yet again. Finally a chance to connect with the people I want to work with on a real level and show myself for what I know, not who I know. I really expected Google+ to set a new precedent for recruiting.


    Alas, it has not been. It seems to be filled with people like me: people with passion and knowledge, but I don’t see any of them getting hired either. I see people like +Eli Fennell working his ass off at asking relevant technology questions and commentary that any of these companies would more than benefit from. I see more quality in his work than most of the big companies put out there. Why isn’t there someone like me, scavenging these new resources and begging for talent like his?


    It seems to me that the only way to be recruited is to know someone at the place you want to work, but some of us worked full time jobs and went to commuter colleges and didn’t network with our fellow alumni.


    Would you rather have someone who’s been a manager since 19 who went to school slowly, or a frat buddy who took the easy road. It seems to me that the choice is simple, but the reality of it all is disappointing. There is a ton of wasted talent out there in the world who would benefit these big tech companies, but I have yet to see a company be creative enough in their hiring practice to take advantage of these alternate recruiting opportunities.


    May the odds be ever in your favor.