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Facebook to federal agents: No, you don’t get to create fake profiles to ensnare suspects


– what he should have said.

Facebook is serious about real people using real names on its service. After initially cracking down on drag queens, the social network is going after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for using fake profiles.

IMO: Awesomeness…

Mark is doing the right thing. By allowing authorities to do crap like this is absolutely the worst way to create much worse problems than they are trying to prevent.

These people are employed by the citizens (through taxation), to act in our best interest, but in reality, are more concerned with the war on drugs, than the war on hate.

This makes them no better than pedophiles luring in young children, scammers luring in identity theft victims, and it only slows down our ability to Fix the BIGGER picture:

The “War on Boundaries,” meaning that we, as citizens of this planet, should be able to communicate amongst ourselves and to any other society, without government intervention. What led to the “Arab Spring,” is now trying to be disrupted, right here in “The Land of the Free.”

Don’t get me started on the war on drugs, which turns people who, at worst, were messing up their own personal lives, and turns them into actual criminals. Of course, cannabis is still considered “Schedule One” (meaning it has absolutely zero possible medical benefits), so it has been illegal for researchers to discover that it is the one plant with more potential medical uses than anything.

The Average Ratio of Chemicals Found in Cannabis:
IMG_5148.JPGTHC, is the tiny light blue sliver… The stuff that is strictly pleasure, although, in healthy usage, even that has medical benefits to help with everything else…

The man responsible for turning it into a Schedule One drug back in 1970, has already openly confessed his mistake, the evidence confiscated that exposed how the drug companies already discovered this, and made it a primary effort to spread misinformation about it, out of the very possible fear that it will cure cancer.

Yes, the wave of decriminalized regulations is sweeping the country, but why the hell was every leader in our country on TV the next day demanding immediate, emergency actions to fully allow testing to be done nationwide.

I’m not talking about letting people do it, although that’s happening already, I’m saying that when the guy who made it officially unhealthy admits he was lied to, completely screwed up, and produces a film proving this, if any leader in this country had the lives of their people as a top priority, things would have changed immediately.

“WEED” is about 6 people, forced to illegally acquire alternative medication, and their desperate attempt to cure of themselves of diseases that doctors said were uncurable, untreatable, and there is no longer any reason to keep trying….

All of them: Alive. 100% healthy. 2 of them were little children…

IMG_5171.JPGThese are not my opinions (though I agree 100%), but rather the man, once misled by these people. He goes on to say about how we’ve been lied to as people for 70 years, and that he will devote the rest of his life trying to undue him indirectly preventing countless deaths.

I’d be slightly more understanding, if they were entrapping pedophiles or an identity thief – people who are actively ruining other people’s lives. What we need to realize is that, as much as it saddens me to say this, they’re worse than those people, because they do it in a guise of trying to help us out and keep us safe.

They keep us from curing, so they can profit off the horrendously excruciating drug cocktails that let us live a tiny bit longer.

They care about $$$… and not completely out of fear that they will be put out of business, because even if cannabis end up having 1 million medical uses, those pharmaceutical companies could adjust the way they do things to create those products. However, it is not out of fear that they will be put out of business.

We have to face the truth, as much as it hurts, in order to ever solve this:

They make more money by NOT curing or preventing diseases, then using desperation to sell hope. Hope in the form of 30 year old medical science. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve made any noticeable advancements on chemotherapy.

Medical Science 3 decades old… sounds a lot to me like the pyramid scheme of snake oilers. The only ones who can change this is all of us. THAT is why they use privacy scares to keep us down, just like in horrific countries.

Are YOU going to let this happen?

Click here to read the actual article.

Haters Hate, Creators Create

Haters, haters, haters: they will always keep on hating,
So, give exactly zero fucks to what they say, and keep creating.
Dream so big and weird, that everyone will think you’re “nuts,”
Then, laugh until it makes you cry, while counting up your bucks.

Enjoy what you have earned… After all, you do deserve it,
But don’t forget the little guy who’s thinking he’s not worth it.
For some reason, he didn’t walk the “recommended” path,
Plus, Life’s a ‘number’s game;’ he just got left out in the math.

A day, not long ago, that lonely lunatic was you!
Remember how it felt thinking there’s nothing you could do?
You’ve finally made it to the promised land, why ever leave?
The goal was never wealth, but getting hopeless to believe.

  • Not Chris Hoeller

How Technology could Cause an Instant Global Awakening

Imagine technology that enabled 2 people’s brains to momentarily sync.

In in instant, both people would immediately not just know every thought and action each other has ever had. They would actually have experienced it (as far as they know).

Now, imagine that same technology scaled large enough to “sync” every single person on the planet, for 60 seconds.

Instant Global Awakening.

For geeks, think of:

  • Telepathy (aka Professor X).
  • Vulcan Mind Meld.

It’s the same thing, but instead of cool but impossible magic powers (Trust me that would be “Plan A,” but my extensive research of trying to grab the remote control using “The Force,” isn’t looking very promising at the moment.

However, we can invent… and as impossible as this idea sounds, it could be done, with immense R&D, a bottomless pit of money, and a lifetime.

Most (or all) of the people starting the project would never live to see the result, but it would give your life purpose. We’d be building heaven, but never get to go…

What about our kids?

…and theirs?

Randomly thought of that… the same effect is happening with the gradual extinction of privacy, and our ability to instantly communicate.

It’d still be faster, but then you run into:

Is it wrong to force everyone to do something once, if it means putting an end to so much pain? Who gets to make that decision?

Have Ideas.
Be Wrong.

How to Design the Workplace to Increase Effectiveness and Retain Top Talent

Experience Designing the Workplace

A hot topic in modern business, Customer Experience has an equally important cousin: Employee Experience.

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is using a blend of psychology, personality types, observable behavior, interests, mental and physical ability, styles of learning, game theory, and gamification to create a custom tailored workplace.

Everything that can be customized to increase a person or group’s effectiveness will be customized.

Quantified Self:

Collecting a person’s blend of individual personality type, observable behavior, interests, preferred style of learning, mental abilities, physical abilities, and experiences is essentially used to create their Quantified Self. This is a new concept called Humanistic Intelligence.

All of these factors are collected by certain tests, mixed with monitoring a person’s activities through the technology they use, along with wearable monitoring devices (to capture things that cannot easily be observed, such as mental or physical stress.

The Layout of the Workplace:


Inspired by Pixar, the entire floor plan of the office is specifically designed to promote accidental, spontaneous collaboration and maximize creativity. However, this takes it one step further, because instead of using rules-of-thumb about human psychology to create the environment, the quantified selves of the actual employees customize what can be customized.

The Software and Equipment Used to Perform the Job:

All the software programs are customized, so that employees intuitively know and clearly understand what is expected of them. By completely “knowing” a person, everything that this person interacts with can be customized to enhance their effectiveness and quality of life.

What About Privacy?

This will be a controversial topic, as this can be seen as an invasion of privacy. In my opinion, it should remain a controversial topic, so that it is constantly being evaluated. This way, we can make sure that the ethics of how such data can be collected and for what purpose is under continual review.

Yes, there is the potential abuse of such data collection. However, that doesn’t mean that it should not be used. There is a chance that I’ll be killed in a car crash on the way to work. That doesn’t mean I should not use a car. However, it does mean that the safety of using automobiles should always be discussed, debated, and improved.

Ultimate Goal:


Essentially, the end goal is making people better at doing their job, while at the same time making it easier and more enjoyable. If done correctly, Employee Experience should be a win-win scenario for the business and the individual.

Making what the employees are supposed to do, what they want to do. Creating an environment custom-tailored to enhance both the effectiveness and enjoyment of the employee.

Personality Types: The Result of Humanity’s Evolution?

A Sensors role is to maintain and protect society, and they tend to think in a one-by-one manner, when it comes to concepts.

An intuitive’s role in society is to innovate, design, enhance, invent, and lead during times of great change or chaos. They tend to think about a million different things at the same time, lol.

I like to look at personality types from an evolutionary standpoint.

Personality types evolved into the psyche of individuals, because each type of personality carries out a certain role or function in society. Therefore, it is the mix of all different types, each taking up a certain portion of the population.


The percentage of a specific type when compared to the entire population is not relevant to how important that type is.

Society, Nature, The World, Time, Magic, God, and Mayor McCheese all combined forces to figure out what society needed to survive, progress, and continue to enhance.

Sensors vs Intuitives – What Role Does Each Type Play in Society?

I hear often, when talking to another intuitive person for the first time about personality types, the same general complaint:

“So and so” [A Sensing Type] thinks I’m weird. [An Intuitive Type]

The best is the look on the person’s face, when I respond with: “Well, they (The Sensing Type) are absolutely correct.”

“Weird,” by definition, is something that is abnormal, uncanny, strange, unusual, or unexpected.

So, the Sensing-dominant person is correct for multiple reasons:


Right off the bat, 70% of the population prefers Sensing, versus only 30% favoring Intuition. This means that intuitives are actually less likely to exist, according to pure statistics.

The Sensing Type person is probably “normal,” which means conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. They are significantly more populous in society, making them more expected.


Business from the Future – Eliminating the Sales Department

I Despise Most Traditional “Sales” Methods…

It’s because I think too much like a customer. Even when when I’m working for the company in question, I purposefully maintain the delusion of merely being a regular customer.


I pretend to be the customer, so that I am completely fair, honest, and effective at enhancing products and services.

I don’t have the cognitive biases associating with being an employee.

It’s not in my best interest that a product is perfect, so I can clearly point out weaknesses:

  • I haven’t invested a year of my life creating a product I conceived of.
  • I haven’t spent millions of dollars building it.
  • I am not a fanboi.
  • I don’t subconsciously invent excuses.
  • I don’t like going through the experience of some random person making me feel pressured.
  • I certainly don’t care what his personal opinion of which product is better, since I’ve already spent 3 hours online “being Colombo” about all the potential options.
  • My mind is 90% – 97% made up, before I take a single step into the store.
  • Replace Salesmen with Consultants or Advisors

    Customers certainly don’t want to feel pressured. Hold up, though, that doesn’t mean to eliminate the staff:

    Instead of salesmen (whose primary objective is selling a product), employees will be helpful consultants (whose primary objective is to ensure that the customer has the best experience possible, even if it means losing a sale):

  • To ensure that the customer fully understands the product.
  • To answer any of their questions.
  • To help them make decisions.
  • To ensure that every customer connects with a product that will enhance their lives in some way.
  • Chris Hoeller