You’re That Somebody!


Caged No More


I love this poster!!!

I have caught myself saying that exact same thing as many of you may have as well over time. We are the change. The greatest project, greatest piece of art, building, movement of society, and any feat begins with the spark within one soul.

Friends, WE ARE “That Somebody.”

You were born a hope to someone in need of help. You were created to make people smile, bring joy to this planet!!! You were born to not only walk this journey, but to share in it with others, and develop divine friendships and relationships that would last beyond this life… You are meant to thrive in this life! People say we should ‘live it to the fullest’ a lot but they don’t always explain themselves. To me, living life to the fullest involves dedication to our goals and reaching them, devotion to our loved ones, the…

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