Dr. House is 100% an ENTP, and Most Definitely Not an INTJ

Dr. House is portrayed as the kind of genius that gets to be a jerk and buck the system because he’s just that good. He uses deductive reasoning of the Sherlock Holmes type to solve complicated medical cases.

Though he seems to value as the most important thing in life, he frequently (and, very occasionally, admittedly) uses it to manipulate himself and others more than to create a truly consistent logical system for everything.

His somewhat random and energetic behavior is not really indicative of a IJ temperament in any sense.

Though highly confrontational, he is decidedly manipulative, rather than physical. His aggression seems intellectual in nature, and his aim is to be recognized as smart and correct, rather than powerful and in control.

His best friend Wilson appears to be an SEI and SLI who compulsively befriends “needy” individuals.

o Extremely calculating and logical; absence of empathy.

o Disdainful of “experts” and bureaucrats; little regard for rules.

o Motivated only by what keeps him interested, little desire to expand his power, area of influence.

House is a hardcore ENTP!

As in ENTP, Dr. House absolutely does not waste one second doing something that does not interest him, make him passionate, or fuel his curiosity. He spends the time alone in his office playing with a ball that he throws up in the air and surfing the web for porn and crazy websites to mess with people on.

An INTJ would spend their time planning and carrying out plans to reach the end goals not just randomly doing what he feels like doing.

He ‘s not an introvert. His solitude desires stem from issues from his past life.

More on House being an ENTP:

As for P/J, I think there is significant evidence that House is a P: his obvious inventiveness, spontaneity (he bought a motorcycle pretty much on a whim), his openness to new and unconventional medical solutions, his deliberate disregard for “the rules” (to the point where he even refuses to dress like other doctors) and what he considers useless and outmoded ethical regulations, his hostility to authority figures (such as Cuddy, Tritter and Vogler) and his messy and disorganised living conditions.

With regard to E/I, this is somewhat trickier, and I can see how people might disagree with classifying a notoriously unsociable and misanthropic character as an E. However, extraverted doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is sociable or friendly, just that they live their lives primarily in the external world, through the eyes of other people, rather than primarily in their own heads.

Ultimately, I think the former is true of House. I recall he once confessed that the reason he became a doctor was because he saw the respect that a foreign doctor was accorded on a military base, suggesting that the respect (if not the approval) of others is important to him.

Despite his misanthropy, he ends up dealing with people a lot. He finds other people intriguing, obsessively investigating the private lives of Wilson and Foreman when he thinks they’re lying to him. He is pereceptive: he accurately assessed Cameron’s personality after two dates.

He derives immense joy from verbal sparring. He seems to enjoy having an “audience”, and often says and does outrageous things for no reason except to provoke a reaction from that “audience”.

I’d also like to add that in a group environment house acts like a ENTP. He likes bouncing his idea’s off of other people (team), but often feels they are moving to slow and mocks them because of this, and because that’s what we do.. ENT-s also view the world through other people’s eyes, and house normally gets his ideas while others are talking. We (ENTPs) as a whole love to argue.

This is a great quote about how ENTPs act in group environments, and why House is a ENTP:

“ENTPs have little patience with those they consider wrongheaded or unintelligent, and show little restraint in demonstrating this.”

Hostility to behavior he perceives as “stupid”, especially when it results in self-harm, may be the defining attribute of House’s character.


6 thoughts on “Dr. House is 100% an ENTP, and Most Definitely Not an INTJ”

  1. Hi Chris!

    I’ve wrongly typed Dr. House as an INTJ in the past and I completely agree with you, now. While his manipulative tactics might suggest a Ni-Te agenda, it’s more likely that Ne-Ti is at play. How do I figure? Because Ni develops its own connections internally and secondarily uses Te to deduce a single answer. House’s mind doesn’t work that way. Ideas come to him externally (Ne) and then they are ruminated on using the logical precision of Ti. While House also comes up with a single answer in diagnostics, it comes more as an “Ah-Ha!” moment, which is triggered by the right visual or audio cue (usually when someone else is talking about a personal problem).

    That, and the INTJ’s relationship with Fi generally keeps them linear and honest, only resorting to manipulating out of strategic necessity. Not House. House just likes to fuck with people. He is always experimenting with people dynamics just for the fuck of it and there is no true end goal other than to entertain him or make things more interesting. INTJs don’t operate that way because that would run contrary to the principle of pure efficiency. If anything, Foreman is an INTJ. You can also tell because he’s so damn serious…and House is always testing the limits of his resolve.


    1. culturaldisasters,

      Typeing House as an INTJ is an easy mistake to make. He’s an asshole, he seems arrogant. but if you watch him closely, his pais is due to his lost love and his painfun leg. he has given up on life, so to speak, except for acelling (an ENTP trait), debating, playing devels advocate, challenging the team just to make them better. his constant bordom and need to play games. Typical ENTP with a bad lease on life.


  2. Hmm… I actually just read the article on him being an INTJ and agreed tot it however, after reading this, I now have another perspective which I might lean towards…Not just because I am an ENTP but because I have been drawn to a lot of characters that I have just recently realized is caused by me having the same personality types as them…
    Great read! Truly stimulating…If only there was more to House MD although I would definitely agree that it was the best ending to the story ever!!


  3. Wait.. reading my message again just made me realize, I was actually still saying that I agree with the ENTP profiling because I am ENTP too! Gosh! Boy, I am way too scattered today.. tsk tsk…Oh well.. Still I like the perspective you gave. 🙂


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