Chris Hoeller – What’s Your Story?

To be blunt, I’m a creative genius that took a “unique” path in life. I had a kid in high school and so didn’t go to Harvard as I had planned (not that I really hold any traditional education up with high regard, anyways). I got a job at a local restaurant, simply because I needed a source of income.

I moved up the ladder ridiculously quick. I was recruited to run a start-up restaurant, which I opened with massive success (designing every process, hiring every employee, developing managers, creating the marketing, watching the accounting). I had a falling out with the owner, as he no longer needed someone to design the systems that had already been designed (he replaced me with himself).

I stumbled for a while as I finished a degree, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I got a job as a marketing manager, but most of my work was truly of a strategic, behind-the-scenes nature. I innovated entire departments using creative solutions. I was able to use my cross-functional, multi-industry experience to see things from a fresh perspective.

As I looked for work, I became reattached to my roots as a creative problem solver. I was reminded of the work I did as a child and the large-scale of impact I could have.

I became limitless, again, but I didn’t know exactly where to fully use this potential or how to prove what I was capable of. So, I network with people I see potential in, and I post what I’m thinking about. I await for someone with means to see in me what I see in others: their true potential.

It’s not ideal, sitting and waiting, and it’s rather frustrating, so I apply for certain jobs. But, from the bottom of my heart, I believe that my greatest potential will be noticed by someone looking at a wider portrait than merely a resume or CV. It’s how I would recruit for someone like me.



6 thoughts on “Chris Hoeller – What’s Your Story?”

  1. Well, I understand perfectly well why you can’t stand that… but oh dear, you can’t just waiting. You have to do something with that, with ‘do’ word in underline… or at least you need your friends that could stimulates you into action…

    Anyway, there’s no love button… so, sorry. And for grammar errors too 🙂


    1. I should have been more clear:

      I’m not sitting around waiting to be scooped up. I’m working a full-time job to pay the bills, I’m raising a wonderful daughter, I’m putting myself out there on social media, and I’m applying for jobs. All I’m saying is that the potential of what I have to offer is greater than the job requirements for a career I apply for. There is no “creative problem solving” positions being offered, and yet I would greatly enhance the effectiveness of any industry board that I sat in on. The thoughts have occurred to me recently that I must create what I envision to be the ideal place to work. In order to do this, I need investors. I am currently working on honing my presentation skills, so that I am able to sell myself to said investors. I never stop, even if sometimes I feel stuck.

      Hope that clarifies my post a bit! Thanks for the comment!


      1. Oh God, apology. And please send my greetings to your daughter.

        I wanted to say ‘how’s life’ but you just told me. I’ll move on then. To build a completely new system we need 5 steps, right now what step are you? Nearly step 4, I take it? What about your colleagues or your friends?

        Have a good day, Mr. Hoeller!


      2. That is one other thing I need to develop. Network more to meet like-minded individuals out in the real world. I’ve been sort of strategically developing this without anybody else, and I could most definitely use the input of others who can bring fresh insights to the table.

        I am strongest when working with others, but I’ve been sort of “solo” for a while now. Time to stop being “Boo Radley” and climb out of the attic. I need to bring others in on the vision, both to strengthen it and to refine it.

        No apologies necessary. I appreciate any and all feedback to my posts (except spam). If I didn’t want to be open to critique, I wouldn’t post things publicly on the Internet.


      3. There’s many people who could help you, Heaven knows how many of them. I saw them on several websites like socionics, MBTI, etc. I don’t know if you want them to be your team or not. You could offer them this opportunity.

        If you need help, I will help you. Feel free to ask me! (:

        Trivia question:
        Do you have a good relationship with animals? How about ENTps in general? Thank you.


      4. I get along great with animals, but they also annoy me so I don’t have any pets.

        As far as other ENTPs go, I have not known any in real life. I get along fantastically with all the ENTPs I’ve met on the Internet.

        Why do you ask those questions?


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