Need Smart Engineer and Investors for Billion Dollar Idea

The fingerprint unlocking for the iPhone 5S is great, but it is merely a small step towards what is possible. We need to start a company that develops a way to integrate this technology into the log-ins of websites.

So, instead of entering your username and password, you merely put your thumb on the button and access is granted. Logging into websites is one of the most annoying and frustrating things and it affects every single person.

This method would be adopted by every website on the planet, so we are literally talking about billions of dollars in profit.

It absolutely can be done and will be done. It’s only a matter of who gets there first.

I need people with brilliant technical skills, and I need smart investors who want to multiply their assets. I can absolutely say that a million would be turned into several billion dollars… Not to mention being a part of one of the largest disruptions in history.


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