Visual Identification of Personality Types

The link I share is the type that I am, Ti-ENTp. Here is the other type of ENTP, called a Ne-ENTP. They all look and act the same!!

It’s like I’m discovering a scientific breakthrough, here.

All the Ti-ENTPs have thin faces with dark hair and a skinny complexion. They are all big science / inventor geeks and intellectuals.

All the Ne-ENTPs are mostly comedians or actors, and almost all of them have reddish hair / reddish tinted bodies.

All the Ti-ENTps act and even look similar to me.

This ain’t the zodiac, my friends…

There’s some real science behind this. Who dares continue on the research that was started so long ago? Who dares to answer the question of why we are different / unique and how that we are built to perform different functions in society…

I mean besides me, lol… I need a team!



3 thoughts on “Visual Identification of Personality Types”

  1. Wow, well this is very interesting. You r talking about the ILE subtypes? I am an ENTP. I would say am an Ne-ENTP. I am of African-American and Carribean decent. I my skin and hair both have a reddish tint. My mother is lighter-skinned and although my skin is obviously brown, it has a reddish tint, especially where it isn’t tanned. My hair is brown but under light I have noticed it has a reddish tinge(noticed meaning I was like, oh cool my hair looks almost red under the light). It’s like there is a whole biological component to this. I stumbled on this as I think I need more Ti.


    1. There isn’t much data available on the subtypes, other than what we can assume on how a Ne-ENTP would differ from a Ti-ENTP, along with the visual data.

      My assumption regarding the ENTP subtypes I’ve simplified as “The Entertainer” and “The Inventor.” I’ve made the distinction based on the Ne-ENTP being creative and clever for the sake of entertaining, where as the Ti-ENTP is a bit more serious, and melancholic.

      Visually, as well as personality-wise, I fit into a Ti-ENTP subtype if such a thing does exist. My personality, interests, and even appearance match up a great deal: it’s undeniable for underlying reasons

      I’m enthusiastic about furthering the research behind these incomplete concepts. There’s enough to know how much treasure lays dormant in the non-captured heaps of possibility.


    2. Yeah the Ne’s seem reddish and fuller figured, and the Ti’s are lanky dark haired skinny dudes.

      And the redhead ones seem more like funny but able to sleep and the other ones Ti’s seem like obsessed inventors, who have a clever side.


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