ENTP – In Depth Description

Great insights on the ENTP… We are an odd bunch, eh?

Journal of the Mischievous

Okay now lets talk about ENTP. If you don’t know what is it, learn about it MBTI personality types (google it, I’m not going to explain it here).

First of all, why jack sparrow? Jack sparrow is one of my favorite fictional ENTP along with Barney Stinson, The Joker, and Robert Downey’s Tony Stark . Basicly, ENTPs are the the playful, yet brainy type. Maybe charming and clever is the best word to describe them.

They possess confidence in themselves and their abilities. You might recognize them as the people who willingly lead others into the unknown. In a nutshell, they are leaders. ENTPs enjoy taking risks, challenges, and developing strategies for getting things done. ENTPs are highly independent and will resist routine and rules that don’t make sense or that are simply for the sake of rules. They push against boundaries and boundary-makers. Many ENTPs are entrepreneurs and they…

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