Incubators – A Future Replacement for College

In every major city, there should be a facility that:

  • selects local talent
  • allows anyone interested to join

The Purpose

  • provide access to resources
  • provide access to potential partners
  • provide access to potential employers

In one part, it’s 24/7 collaborative workspaces, set up cool like Google.


In another part there are activities, games, lessons, and discussions:

  • building or being part of a team
  • Social Business
  • Startup 101
  • Programming
  • Graphic Design

The activities are run by either the people who run the incubator, as well as guest entrepreneurs/ experts.

Why so College?

This is a supplement, enhancement, or replacement for traditional college. College involvement or work experience is irrelevant.

But it does have that college vibe a bit to it. Less formal, more random goofing around. As part of all the areas. A place that’s as cool to chill at as it is to get work done.

Our ambition, talent, and new environment would make us productive on our own.

Who’s Going to Build it?

Companies and VCs could play a large part in co-sponsoring this. They are essentially creating talent and opportunity building center. It’s a brilliant investment for anyone involved.

Disrupting Society

  • This could replace traditional recruiting.
  • This could replace traditional college.
  • This provides opportunities to many people, companies, investors, the economy, and the future of society.

But it has to be done right, and at scale.

It can’t be some hole in the wall, in a remote corner of a city. It needs to be the Googleplex.

It needs to be high-tech, clean, fun, and constantly active. There has to be real and continuous involvement of the players involved.


Don’t you see how beneficial it would be for so many, and pretty much no downside?

The world is changing.

College isn’t answering the bridge from kid to employed adult.

College / experience doesn’t mean a person has what it takes, and no-college / no-experience doesn’t mean a person isn’t the next Steve Jobs.

Technology has made everything a lot more complicated.

Now everyone has the ability to learn something, simply because they want to. Despite who they knew, only what they had access to.

.. at 3am
… in the bathroom.

Existing companies suffer from a massive case of not adjusting or keeping up.

There are countless new companies — new types of companies — that are only missing a team, resources, and the opportunity.

This is what replaces college, stridulates the economy, saves a generation from falling through the cracks, and prepares us for a better world.


I need multimillion dollar companies to be on board with this, at least one smart one.


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