My Mind: From Chaos to Solution


I automatically see connections between all elements of an issue:

  • The problem.
  • The people involved.
  • The circumstances leading up to the situation.
  • The environmental factors.
  • The outside influences.
  • The potential reasons for misunderstanding.
  • The manner in which the individual elements affect each other.
  • All of possible solutions.

All of these thought processes occur in my mind, simultaneously.

Sparking rapidly in complete chaos.

Bouncing off of one another, crossing paths, combining, and creating new sparks.

An uncontrollable storm of pattern spotting, analogous connections, contradictions, divergence, and convergence.

I can’t help it.
I can’t explain it.
I can’t turn it off.

Destruction and Healing

Different parts of my mind go to battle with each other, and then they construct new bridges to mend the dissonance they created.

As a result, a new layer of understanding emerges that didn’t previously exist.

Sitting atop this new layer, radiant and obvious, is the solution.

The more complex and challenging the issue, the more useful having this ability is:

Watching me tie my shoes or get ready to go out for the evening is amusing. I come across as a clumsy, scattered-brained moron.

Being in the right environment is crucial.

Now, take a room filled with the most talented people in the world, trying to solve an impossible problem or create an entirely new way of doing things.

They may be completely stuck in a deadlock. They may be ready to give up entirely. Put me in that same room for a little while, and it’s like witnessing magic.

Groups and a Diversity of Opinions

Other people, especially with a diverse set of opinions, to bounce ideas off of, only multiplies what already happens in my mind.

In a group situation, it may take some time to process and readjust the patterns of thought, based on the input of others. However, what it really provides is more elements to play with and more dots to connect: a bigger playground.

Out of Nowhere

Despite being the person with perhaps the least topic-oriented experience, I will typically see that one connection hidden in everyone’s blind spot.

Somewhere in that same general area, the solution to their problem will present itself.


It’s quite a powerful ability, but it’s something I only can direct or shape, not something I have complete control over.

It’s not a matter of how it’s chosen to be utilized, but where it’s placed.


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