Google: A Culture and Way of Life, Not a Tool.


Google could run breathtaking campaigns, enhance the user experience, and market themselves for what they truly are: a culture and way of life, not a tool.

Google has evolved into more than just a search engine.

Sure, that started it all, which sparked an “age of curiosity.” For the first time, anyone could find out anything, if they looked hard enough.

Throw social into the mix, and we’re creating a completely new society.

“Hey, these people think like me,” empowers us all.

“Hey, these people don’t think like me, let’s discuss,” starts a dialog.

Google is tearing the walls down of outdated norms, awakening untapped potential, and allowing us to become our true selves. This increase in honesty will lead to a decrease of prejudice and ignorance, creating a better world for everyone.

Seamless Integration

This isn’t even touching the subject of how the next generation technology that Google is developing will make technology less of a burden. Google will bring technology back to its intended purpose: to enhance our lives, not slow it down or get in the way.



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