I Have a Billion Dollar Idea – Who’s Up to the Challenge?


The Vision

I know the problem, and I have the solution.

I see the opportunity.

I understand the challenges, but know how to overcome them.

The Product

The solution to a huge problem in both business and society.

Turning a big flaw into a much bigger opportunity.

A cure.

The Team

I can easily identify the players required. I don’t need recruiters.

I will foster, develop, and bring out the greatness in them.

I will lead and inspire them.

The Business

I can build it, but lack the resources.

We need a home base of operations.

I need the ability to offer the team a salary, benefits, and a way to cover their cost of living.

I need an investor. I need capital.

The Outcome

A lot of money to be made for everyone involved at the initial stage.

A brilliant business model that will be copied and imitated by many others.

Right Now

I need a partner(s).

An individual who compliments the way I am. A person who enhances my strengths and makes up for my weaknesses. A natural counterbalance.

Where I am the visionary idealist, you are the critical realist. We both share the same goal, but can utilize our opposite qualities to refine, perfect, and enhance the business model.

If multiple people want to jump on board during this final stage of development, that works too. A diversity of viewpoints always brings out the best outcome.

You Need to Know

During this final stage of development, it’s only us.

It’s collaboration and working towards a dream without any support, resources, or capital.

It’s working another job to pay your bills and working on this during the off-hours to build the dream.

Once the business model is complete, then we seek out and pitch it to investors.

Keep in Mind

This is not just getting together and blindly brainstorming business ideas. I already have the idea.

This is refining it, working out the kinks, and developing it into a model that can be pitched and will sell to investors.

This is an opportunity to jump in on the ground floor and build something that will grow to become bigger than yourself.

Everybody says they want to start a company, do things differently, and change the world…

Do you really mean it?



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