My Secret Weapon: Creative Destruction?


Sometimes Creative Destruction is the Cure for Businesses.

Lately I’ve reflected upon my career, my life, and what made me who I am today.

Looking back, there have been a few important lessons I’ve learned and big moments that have influenced and stuck with me. A lot of these moments involve leadership and the ways I’ve learned to lead through encouraging, challenging, and empowering people vs managing them.

However, the moments where I’ve made the biggest impact for the organizations I worked for money-wise, were actually a form of creative destruction:

Systems Thinking / Heuristic Mentality

Using a combination of wild creativity and extreme logic, and applying it across the entire span of a business.

In a Large Organization

Most of these times, nobody lost their job. It simply made the operation stronger, leaner, and smarter.

It was looking at all the elements, how they interrelate, and then creating / redesigning systems that massively reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Startup / Small Business

This time was simply the result creatively making the best of a crappy circumstance:

Not having the two other managers I needed to run the business and the lack of cash flow to hire them.

Out of necessity, I created a system where areas of responsibility, normally performed by managers, were distributed among the staff.

It was a decentralization of hierarchy.

It empowered the staff, developed them into leaders of their own, saved the business a ton of money, and resulted in an operation that ran smoother than it ever would have with a traditional management structure.

That is the ideal. That is the way a business should run. I was putting creative destruction to good use.

Midsize Company with Old Methods

The most recent of these moments did result in a person losing their job, but it was unavoidable. It was the same technique I had used before to decentralize management.

Unfortunately, in this case, there already was a second manager.

But I saw the big picture and at that point it was too late. He wasn’t needed.

It’s Not About Money or Cost-Cutting

His place in the hierarchical structure was creating more of a hindrance than a benefit.

The same functions could be carried out by developing a few of the naturally talented team members into leaders, while still performing their normal job functions.

Decentralize and Empower

Spreading out leadership and responsibilities in this way creates a team that’s more adaptable, focused, and present at moments of crisis. They grow to become motivated by the vision and what’s in the best interest of the business, versus being motivated by a boss pestering them with a list of duties.

They work harder, take ownership, and lead themselves.

I feel bad anytime someone loses their job. I’ve been there more than once, and it’s a terrible position to be placed in.

Times are Changing

Businesses need to run lean and make the best use of the talent and resources at their disposal. This means less hierarchy, a more empowered team, and creative business models. It also means providing an environment where employees believe not only in what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it.

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