Buzz Words That Kill Your Chance to Get a Job.

At least that’s how I read the title of this article trending from a legit business site. As I browse the list of words, a majority of my LinkedIn profile and resume.

Innovation is Not a Buzz Word

We didn’t get past that phase, yet. Innovative thinking, and getting that to become the norm in society is still focus number one. It hasn’t been accomplished.

I’m sure there are a few job seekers who took advantage of the trend to get spotted, but of course people are going to try and do that. I shouldn’t have to innovate the word innovation just look legit on my resume.

Innovative businesses, processes, and concepts are what need to be implemented further. Most people still don’t get it.

Other buzzwords I saw on the list: Creative and Strategic.

Once again, this is still the focus. This hasn’t happened in significant amounts. Not creative business models, concepts, or methods of thought. For sure, companies are not focusing more on the strategic side of efforts, such as marketing or operations.

On a Side Note

The writers of the original article don’t understand the concept of “buzz words.” “Buzz words” to me is an exaggerated form of a concept that could be explained simpler.

For Example:

“think outside the box” could be simplified to creative.

Creative can’t be simplified, and it shouldn’t be ignored or discouraged. Some people are, some people aren’t. There are roles for both types in businesses and in society, but it’s an important distinction.

Same thing goes for strategic.

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