Strategic Advisor

One of Two Dream Jobs – Part One

In a “War Room,” either at a huge company or entity of power, where super-complex decisions need immediate solving in high stress scenarios.

I should be sitting at that table…

or in the shadows…

sitting alone…


… only appearing at moments of extreme crisis.

The Ideal Scenario

idesofmarchmovieposter0 (1)

Ryan Gosling’s character of Stephen Meyers in The Ides of March.

I don’t believe he even has a job title, but is essentially running the entire show. He is a combination of an “ideas guy” and a person responsible for making sure those ideas get carried out. He brainstorms half-the-time and runs the operation the rest of it.

He doesn’t care about being the “number 1 guy,” he cares about the operation. He’s willing to let someone else get all the glory, despite  being the brains of the operation.

The only person who knows how important he is, is the person he’s providing that function. However, he does have power within the organization. Anything spoken from his lips to any member of staff, and it’s as if the President, himself, spoke it.

The Not-as-Ideal Scenario


Toby Jones’ character of Karl Rove in the film W.

He acted as the President’s secret “ideas guy.”


Although identified as a brilliant, ruthless, and devastating campaign strategist, his role was less involved. He didn’t really communicate with the other group members at all, except to the President, himself.

I’ve read from somewhere (this was referring to the real-life version) that “without Karl Rove, there would be no President George W. Bush.” I am simply making an analogy to the type of relationship that Rove played within the establishment.

I’ve been in both of these types of roles before (obviously not at a presidential level), and they can both work quite well.


If the person you’re providing that function for decides to screw you over, they can do so quite easily. Since it’s such a behind-the-scenes type role, it would be much more challenging to find new work.

Nobody knows what you’ve done or who you are.


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