Grow. Break. Grow Back Stronger.


A comment from someone resonated strongly with me and my life experiences, and I thought I’d share my reflection on it:

“An ENTP is most impressive once they finally overcome the need to be so impressive”

I’m reaching that point… (again)

When I stop feeling the need to prove my talent or gifts and just know that it’s there.

It’s shifting me from coming across as an arrogant douche to a natural leader.

I experienced this same issue while moving up the ranks of management in the restaurant business.

I unexpectedly got out of that business, and I went through a period of “I have no idea what to do with my life.”

I rediscovered my purpose about a year and a half ago, but again went through the “I need to prove myself” phase.

It didn’t work.

I started doubting myself and losing hope.

After feeling like crap about myself and my situation for long enough, I committed to recharging myself.

Now that I’m in the comeback phase, I just am who I am. Sure, I’ll prove myself right in a disagreement, but I don’t feel the need to prove myself as a person.

If I’m as gifted as I know I am, it will shine naturally through my words and actions, not through self-promotion and not by saying it.

In the process, it’s brought back confidence that I haven’t felt in years. Not only that, but it’s made me a more effective communicator.

By letting go of “proving myself,” I am now much closer and more likely to accomplishing my ultimate goals.

Letting go has brought me back to the person I am, without the stress and frustration of having to put it on display.

I have become an enhanced version of myself.

Side Note: None of the statements made in this post were meant to showcase my abilities or strengths.

On the contrary, I am demonstrating how a flaw of mine is capable of rendering those strengths useless and ineffective.


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