Cinnabon and Innovation: What Could They Possibly Have in Common?


One of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard in my life is when Louis C.K. is talking about an incident at a Cinnabon while passing through an airport.

That this event is hilarious, comes second to the fact that it uncovers universal truths about who we really are as people and as a society.

First, enjoy the video:

The last part of this hilarious event represents innovation, technological advancement, and societal evolution.

He says, “Look, I’m eatin’ that Cinnabon either way. You’re the one that decides whether or not we end up in the paper tomorrow.”

The future is inevitable, like it or not.

The impact that technology and these new ways of seeing things has had on society, occurring primarily in the last decade or so, is not just going to up and vanish.

It’s an obvious storm building for several decades.

The only reason a company is surprised by these new shifts, to put it bluntly, is because they haven’t been paying attention.

They may check the weather channel every day, but they are only listening to today’s or this week’s forecast.

They’ll have umbrellas ready when it’s likely to be a rainy day, and they’ll know to wear shorts because of the heat wave expected to come into town.

They prepare and safeguard themselves for today and soon, but do they prepare themselves for the future?


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