I Save You. You Save Me

I watched Rise of the Guardians this week with my daughter. First of all, great movie.

Basically, it’s about all the legendary characters and their responsibility to maintain hope for the children of the world.

They have a giant map of the earth, with millions of little lights scattered throughout the world. Each light represents a child who still believes in them and still has belief in dreams, magic, and looks optimistically towards the future.

Every time a light goes out, it means that child no longer believes. The “Boogie Man” feels unappreciated. He wants to turn off all the lights, in order to make the children believe in him. He wants to replace their hope with fear, so he keeps trying to ruin each holiday.

For example, he stops the Easter Bunny from delivering eggs on Easter morning, and those children no longer believe in the Easter Bunny.

If the tooth fairy doesn’t collect the tooth and leave money under your pillow, she no longer exists, anymore.

To not be believed in makes you invisible, and you lose all your powers.

Ultimately, all the Gaurdians have to team up and ensure that the holidays go as planned. This still doesn’t work, as the Boogie Man is always one step ahead.

Eventually, it gets to the point where there is only one light left in the whole world. This is how they manage to figure out the plan to save them all.

They reach out to this one kid, right before he loses all hope. They show him that it’s all real, and gathers up a small group of his friends.

In order to protect the children, the Guardians must be believed in. So, they make a pact with the small group of kids. It is ultimately the kids that must protect the guardians. They agree to keep believing, no matter how many reasons they have to stop.

The Boogie Man couldn’t turn their lights off, because they committed to keeping up their hope, no matter what happens.

This is how I feel about the future

There are a few of us out there trying to build a better world, but the odds are against us. People have lost hope and think improving the world is an impossible task.

It’s almost impossible, but it requires a few people out there to never give up hope, no matter how shitty things appear. They must commit to keeping their light on, at all costs.

This allows the innovator’s power to slowly implement change. Slowly, the number of lights grow, as people start seeing real impact.

We save and protect each other from the corrupt world we live in. The innovators keep doing what they can to implement change, and a few of you out there refuse to give up on hope for the future.

It’s painful, slow, and challenging, but it can happen.

If you promise to keep your light on, I promise to never stop fighting for you.



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