The Best Tech Industry / Innovation Speech Ever

From a fictional CEO. His character is the founder and leader of the largest software company in the world. He’s running a “Bill Gates” type company, but he’s a “Steve Jobs” type personality: inspirational, charismatic, but deep-down a huge pain in the ass to work for.

This is the speech he gives to a room full of new recruits, explaining to them his philosophy and what it means to work at his company:

Woking here, there are no constraints; no boundaries.

  • Surprise me.
  • Challenge me.
  • Defy me.
  • Defy yourselves.

You have a choice:

You can be forgotten, or you can be remembered as one of the noble few who made it.

Now’s the time to go way beyond your potential.

Now’s the time to dig down deep folks. Now’s the time to show why you are the elite. The chosen few. The rare lights that give this company it’s uniqueness; it’s luminescence. Now’s the time to shine.”



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