Important Considerations for Gifted Learners

Gifted students are:

  • self-aware
  • reflective
  • highly sensitive
  • keen sense of moral and ethical judgment
  • intuitive
  • able to process information from an array of topics, and make new connections.
  • able to create their own personal organizational systems,
  • proficient at using wider areas of the brain,
  • possessors of longer memories,
  • prone to ‘zoning’ out when concentrating
  • keenly able to multi-task many items at a time.
  • often more interested in questions rather than answers
  • acutely aware of others who are gifted, and those who unerstand their unique needs, versus those who do not

Higher Order Thinking Skills:

Teaching higher order thinking skills is a necessity for gifted students. It helps them to build upon various skills sets, while at the same time giving them the opportunities to struggle and persevere, beyond merely retaining and synthesizing the information learned.

       Higher Order Thinking looks like:

  • linking cognition to reflections
  • connecting empathy to memory
  • linking new knowledge to previous experiences
  • helping students to search for new patterns and making new conections
  • informed decision making
  • Engagement and creation of activities that include inventing, designing, composing, planning, decision making and self-evaluation
  • promoting ethical and moral intelligence
  • elaborating on qualities of character education initiatives and the ‘Seven Grandfather Teachings’ from First Nations Cultures

Considerations for Educators:

  • allow for self-directed activities
  • help students to set their own criteria, plan and self-evaluate!
  • Remember that gifted students also need guidance and instruction just like any other student.
  • Strive to  ensure that instruction provides opportunities to increase attendance, and improve self-esteem and enthusiasm towards learning.

It is very difficult for educators to intuitively understand what gifted students need, and it takes a very special person to understand these needs. It is important for educators to tap into this ‘intuition’ and knowledge of Gifted students, in order to work to decrease bias in formative and summative assessment procedures, and work toward systemically increase the scores of multicultural groups, including First Nations, Metis & Inuit Students.



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