How I Know Future Problem Solving Works


In grade school, I was in a Gifted & Talented program. A major part of this program was Future Problem Solving.

For example: when I was in fourth grade, the major future trends we covered were:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Alternate Fuel / Smart Cars
  • Globalization of Business and Society
  • Mobile Payments / Integrated Devices

These are issues that are only now emerging and coming close to being reality, but I was working on solutions to them 18 years ago. It took imagination and dreaming to think that far ahead, but it was effective.

Side bar: I won the state competition for an article on “The Future of Artificial Intelligence” when I was nine years old. The bulk of society couldn’t even understand what I was talking about, now, AI is a massive focus from the “thought leaders” of the world. Let me ask you this: who was really leading the thoughts?

That is how FPS can change the world, by setting our dreamers and visionaries loose on brainstorming way ahead of time. Fixing problems before they become problems.

If companies would invest in having small teams like this, we can start building a better world now.



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