Surviving the Pillage


At the club last night, I met a random dude who’s trying to make it out of the ghetto. We ended up having a 30 minutes conversation on a term he calls “Surviving the Pillage.”


  1. To rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; plunder.
  2. To take as spoils..
  3. To take spoils by force.

To be pillaged is being fucked over unexpectedly. How certain shitty events pop up out of our control. To survive the pillage is to not let these unexpected shitty circumstances from keeping you down: to not let the random shit that happens to all of us prevent us from rising.

For example: You had 5 dollars in your wallet when you went to bed. When you wake up, its gone without reason. You needed that 5 dollars that day for gas, food, etc. But it’s already gone.

Dwelling on the unfairness and shitty circumstances means you’re not surviving the pillage. Surviving the pillage means “how you handle the bad situation, what do you do next?” To accept shitty life events happen out of our control, and moving on towards finding a solution.


My Favorite Interview Question With a Potential Hire

“You wake up for work on time, get ready, and you’re going to make it there. You walk out to your car to get to work on time, but unexpectedly you discover all the tires on your car slashed, you have no way to get to work. What do you do?”

I asked this question to see how people react to chaotic events. There’s not a right answer. The wrong answer is “I have no idea I’m screwed,” or just silence of being so overwhelmed by the dilemma The correct answer was having a plan of what to do next.

An example of a good solution would be:

  1. Call work immediately and tell them of the situation. Let them know right away that you’re going to be late.
  2. Find a transportation to make it there.
  3. Solve the tire slashing after you’ve survived the situation.

Shit Happens

It happens to all of us, no matter what we do to prevent such things, sometimes terrible situations pop up. How you respond to the situation is what defines you as a person.



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