Google’s Plus’s Problem – Too Much Content Diversity

Google Plus’s Growing Problem – Clutter and Chaos

Over the last year, there has been a downward spiral of ability to find any good content on the stream. This is because there are so many users, and so many unique topics, that it all ends up in a clutter.

Hash-tags  help, but are really only useful in search. You don’t want to have to search for content every time you want to see it. Google+ needs more of an automated, hands-off, and user-friendly way to view the stream, without the clutter.

The Solution – Google purchases StumbleUpon (or steals their technology)

Stumble Upon is a discovery engine built to find random content, based on a user’s predefined interests. The predefined interests is the key.

They have a list of about 100 categories, and the user selects the ones that interest them. Then, when you “stumble” (find random pages), it only pulls up pages within your interests.

Google+ could implement a simple, and similar system into the site. Categories for users to choose that they want to see, that way the stream is custom tailored for them. If you don’t want memes, you won’t see memes. When a user actually goes to make a post, it would force the user to select a category that the post best applies in. Other uses for this would be custom selected suggested users based on these interests

Feel free to check out my StumbleUpon Profile, and get an idea for what I’m talking about.



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