Google’s Steve Jobs


Google’s Move to the Future

Project Glass eyewearLately, their products have gotten slicker, there’s been more focus on futuristic products such as project glass and self-driving cars, it’s own social network, and even Android itself was a huge leap from the search giant’s normal way of doing things.

Where is this focus and vision coming from? I definitely have an opinion about where, but I wondered if anyone else has pondered this. When did the conservative ad agency and search engine decide to focus more on what’s next versus what’s hot now?

Google’s self-driving car

Meanwhile, without Jobs, Apple has begun to slump into mediocrity. There hasn’t been a product that sparked magic since the iPad. It really makes you wonder how much one person’s influence can have over a company’s direction.

Apple lost their Jobs, but where did Google find theirs, and where is he hiding?



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