The Future of Technology

Project Glass eyewear

Technology is a little different from the soda business. New flavors of soda can be created, but it’s still water, carbonation, syrup, and flavorings. Nothing has changed much about this in 100 years. With technology, the products can shift dramatically over a span of only a few years. People from 20 years ago wouldn’t recognize the tech of today, and 20 years from now it will be totally different again.

Every time there is a shift in technology, a new player has a chance to step in and take over. The authors perception of Apple’s position is forgetting that they no longer have Jobs to dream up “what’s next.” They may have the lock down on tablets and phones, but eventually we’re going to be using other types of technology.

Jobs secured them an incredible position by dreaming of how future tech would evolve and then getting their before anyone else did. I’m sure apple has a few cool products up their sleeve for the next couple years, but what about the years after that?

What will technology look like ten years from now, and is Apple currently developing that technology? Who knows?

My Vision of the Future: Embedded Systems and Personal Tech

Ten years from now, I don’t believe we will be discussing the cool, new phone or beautiful, high-resolution screen on the newest tablet. Like all technology, the usefulness of a concept has a shelf-life of exactly how long it takes someone else to improve upon the idea in a cost-effective way.

Embedded Systems

This is when normal, everyday appliances become connected to each other. Sort of like the “smart home” concepts from the 1950’s “predictions of the future,” except that we are now actually getting close.

  • All of the appliances and home systems connected to each other and to the CPU.
  • There would be multiple “screens” throughout the home that serve as televisions, computers, or access to home systems or appliances.
  • Essentially, everything is one system with multiple displays / interfaces.
Personal Tech

What’s better than a portable device that can do everything you would ever want it to? No device at all! Well, almost no device at all…This is where personal tech comes in. Wearable, small devices that allow you to be connected . The best example of this is, of course, Project Glass. Technology subtly integrated into things we regularly wear or use. Glasses, watch, or a ring.


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