Want to See a Magic Trick?

One thing that Steve Jobs did so well was to get people excited over technology. Not just nerds and techies, but everyday, regular people. He made technology “cool,” and the ripple effect of that resulted in a generation of drooling, loyal Apple-enthusiasts. That generation is coming to a close.

I absolutely love the way Google has been handling their marketing and product focus, lately. “Search” is the core of Google’s operation, and “Ads” are their primary income. But “Search” and “Ads” don’t exactly result in drooling fans. People just expect those things to work, and obviously that has to remain an operational focus.

Project Glass is the future, and I could not be more pleased to see that come to life. that is how it’s done, folks. Capture the imagination of people, and you’ll have their hearts (and wallets) for years to come.

I don’t think it stops with Project Glass, either. There are endless variations of personal tech that can be driven by android. Personal tech and embedded systems. Everything connects together in a congruent, free-flowing way.

Being able to make things happen just by doing them, no need to stop and think. No need to unplug, press a button, or worry about transferring files. Everything just works.

Your home is all synced up and connected.

Seamlessly go from one device to the other and its a smooth and natural transition.

Pop on your glasses, and they automatically power-on, because they know you put them on.

It’s all about the little things. They only take a few seconds out of our day, and we hardly notice them. They add up, they take our attention from where it needs to be, and they cause frustration. Sure, I can do those little things, but why should I have to?

Remove ALL the little things!


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