Build What’s Next, Not What Is


Focus On What’s Next, Not What is.

A billion dollar company should take advantage by heavily investing in the development of next generation technology (even more than they now are).

Build what will be popular, not just a slight improvement on what already is popular:

  • Use Android to create wearable personal tech: augmented reality glasses, wrist-based devices.
  • Use Android to power embedded systems, connecting all devices for a seamless experience.
  • Push harder with the self-driving cars to make them a finished product.
  • The auto industry lacks vision and innovation.
  • Why can’t a tech company show them how it’s done?


Use a human subject to create a quantified self. Define the entire psyche of a person. Test to see how targeted messages can impact behavior.

Allow them to use evil methods on me to extract an unprecedented amount of data. I would represent the customer, on a massive scale. Lock me in a cage and use Neuromarketing to see what you can get me to do. Be really evil to one person, to create a better experience for everyone else.

Have them keep rejecting me to allow their culture. Build a person who understands and appreciates the value of their environment.



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